Aitutaki Community Animal Rescue


Our volunteer veterinary teams are assembled with professionals from US and international locations including Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Arizona,  Alabama, Canada, New Zealand and now Australia.  The veterinarians and vet nurses are licensed in their home countries and are dedicated to helping animals in need no matter the location.  We fund our own flights to the Cook Islands and our own expenses in order to go on these missions. 

Since Feb 2018, we have organized and successfully raised funds to purchase supplies for 5 veterinary missions.

We want to continue to help the community of Aitutaki.  The people of the island have embraced our work and are very happy for us to return. The quality of life for the animals, the people and the island itself is improving as we carry on with the program.

Please visit the donations page to help us help the cats and community! And thank you!

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Steph with recovering kittens 2018
Tomie at reception area 2018
John keeping track of the clients and cats 2019
Nurse Laura with a feral cat 2019
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