Aitutaki Community Animal Rescue

Our Story

Above is the beautiful island of Aitutaki, surrounded by it’s 19 sq miles of lagoon and islets (called motu).  It has been rated as the “most beautiful lagoon in the world” by Lonely Planet.  Beautiful, remote, peaceful with extraordinarily friendly and sweet people.

And cats. Heaps of cats. There are no natural predators for the cats of Aitutaki, and no consistent veterinary care so after at least a century of multiplying, there is a bit of an over population problem.

Working with Te Are Manu Veterinary  Clinic in Rarotonga, Aitutaki Community Cat Program/Animal Rescue has successfully treated, spayed, or neutered over 386 cats in four veterinary trips since Feb 2018.

Working with teams from New Zealand and with Te Are Manu in Rarotonga, Aitutaki Community Animal Rescue has continued to provide the island community with veterinary care for desexing, health checks and now even examining farm animals with the assistance of the Te Are Manu vets.

Nurse Becky prepping a patient Nov 2019
Nurse Sheri with kitten 2018
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